For the face, there is a tendency towards light and quick procedures, performed in the practice or in the clinic (ambulatory).

  • These treatments are designed to eliminate bad skin, unsightly hollows, “dynamic” wrinkles (in motion) on the forehead or between the eyebrows, crows feet, brown or red pigmentation stains.


  • New filling substances and implants are available.These procedures are very often sought after before an important social event or a professional meeting. They complete and enrich the array of classical surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose), eyelidplasty, lips, prominent ears,face, neck and forehead lifts, cheekbone and chin implants, dermal grafts to plump up the lips.


  • Botoxeliminates safely and efficiently, for a period of 4 to 6 months, wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyebrows, crows feet, an uneven chin, muscle bands of the neck and scars.
    After-effects from facial paralysis can be temporarily diminished or eliminated.


  • Fat filling is also a very efficient procedure.  Lips are nicely plumped up. Also used to fill hollow cheeks due to weightloss, deep scarring or uneven contouring after breast reconstruction.

Preoperative information surgeon/patient relations.

  • Increased importance attached to the preoperative consultation :to communicate efficient information to patients, answer their questions and relieve their anxieties.


  • Contact and trust : the surgeon should understand the patient’s expectations and feel trusted in return.


  • The dialog :is essential in the frame of the consultations and no question should remain unanswered.


  • The information : oral, at the time of the consultation, is completed by an information letter handed directly or mailed to the patient, in order to allow sufficient time and distance before the final decision and the surgical procedure.


  • The treatment will be explained, planned and personalised.

New breast implants achieve considerable improvement of the aesthetic result.

Their shape is natural (anatomical) and a recent development offers a softer to feel implant (soft touch). The use of preformed, pear shaped cohesive gel (not fluid), makes it possible to fill the hollow above the breasts (consecutive to pregnancy or weight loss) without the risk of leakage.
For each volume, the anatomically shaped implants can be selected from a range of 9 different shapes (height, width and projection). This selection offers a choice adapted to the particular needs and requirements of every patient.


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