The face: How to beat the aging process without compromising your personality

I have aged, what can be done about it?
People tell me I look worried, tired.
They ask if I’ve had a bad night’s sleep.
I wish to correct my neck and jowls, but I don’t want a Facelift.
I have heard that a Facelift changes one’s expression and is very painful.
I don’t recognise my face in the mirror.
I wish to correct my neck, but my budget is very tight.
I want a Facelift but I don’t want to alter the character nor the personality of my face.

These are the most common complaints heard in a Plastic Surgeon’s consultation. But the days are over when a consulting patient expected his Plastic Surgeon to systematically set a date for a Facelift.


Today, in addition to surgery, patients seek advice about the complete range of treatment that will give them full satisfaction.


Once I have examined my patients’ face and listened to their requests, I am able to establish the most appropriate steps to be taken in order to solve their particular problems. We then move on to review the therapeutic plan I recommend.


This plan may include surgery, medical treatment, fat filling, wrinkle fillers, Botox, make-up, peeling, dermabrasion, laser treatment.


Several factors are considered, such as budget, recovery time, hospitalisation, pain, long-lasting result, scarring, time away from work.


This thorough and honest analyses in my office allows my patients to make the better choice.

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